“From caring comes courage.” — Lao Tzu


Caregiver Support

Programs Available

There are over 55 million people around the country who are caring for family members, friends, or neighbors with physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities. Caregivers often find the task of caring for another person to be overwhelming. They often develop stress-related illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, or ulcers. An occasional break from caregiving enables an exhausted caregiver to regroup both physically and emotionally, and find the strength to carry on.

The Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging (WCAAA) offers many program opportunities, some with financing of services in whole or in part. Some of the programs below have a required co-pay due to federal or state regulations. As a reminder, services funded through the federal Older Americans Act cannot be delivered to clients with a charge. However, any senior receiving services through Older Americans Act funding may donate to that program or the WCAAA directly. Some of the services below are provided in the 41 town area. However, the WCAAA is only able contractually to offer some services below on a single town or a small regional basis. 

The following programs are opperated by the WCAAA through Federal, State, and or local funds for Western Connecticut area residents. Please note that some programs may be operated by the WCAAA in a limited area and are so noted. Some of the programs are inplemented in other Connecticut towns through other area agencies on aging.

National Family Caregiver Support Program (41 towns

The CT Statewide Respite Care Program (41 towns)

Congregate housing services program (CHSP) (covers specific housing sites)

Connecticut Home Care Program (CHCP)

Community First Choice (CFC) (based on state referral)

Money Follows the Person (MFP) Caregivers may also be interested in the MFP program which transitions consumers from nursing homes to community living.

PCA Waiver- Personal Care Assistant
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Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) (serves the 8 towns below)

   Beacon FallsProspect