Community First Choice

Community First Choice is a Medicaid benefit for people who are at an institutional level of care. This means that if you qualify for care in a nursing home or other institutional setting, under your Medicaid benefit, you also qualify for CFC services in your home and community to assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Instrumental Activities of Daily living (IADL), and Health-related tasks.

CFC is a self-directed program which empowers you with ‘employer authority’ and ‘budget authority’. Self-direction with these two authorities is when you, or someone you appoint, make the decisions regarding your care and services. You have control over what services you want in the home, and you have the responsibility of managing those service. Self-direction promotes personal choice and control during a person-centered planning process. If you have a Conservator or someone acting with Power of Attorney (POA), they can help you self-direct. You have the choice to complete these documents independently or CFC offers you the chance to hire a Support and Planning Coach to assist with these functions.  

Program Eligibility: Coverage groups include Husky A, Husky C and Husky D. Waiver participants can dually participate if they receive at least one waiver service in order to maintain Medicaid coverage under the waiver and utilize Allied PCAs.  Participants who have a spenddown are eligible however spend-down rules apply. (Spend-down is managed by DSS. Participants receive correspondence from DSS when they meet spend-down requirements)

Program Requirements: Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is a required service under CFC; however, you may hire a PCA of your choosing that meets the following stipulations:

            Your PCA Cannot be:

  • Your PCA CANNOT be your spouse
  • Your PCA CANNOT be your Health Care Representative
  • Your PCA CANNOT be your Conservator/Guardian

  Your PCA Must be:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  •  Have experience providing personal care
  • Be able to follow written or verbal instructions given by the individual or the individual’s representative or designee
  • Be physically able to perform the services required
  • Receive and follow instructions given by the individual or the individual’s representative or designee


CFC offers a variety of services:

  • Assistive Technology (AT)
  • Nurse
  • Speech Therapist
  • Environmental Modifications
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Support and Planning Coach
  • Health Coach
  • Personal Care Attendant (PCA)
  • Transitional Services
  • Home Delivered Meals  
  • Physical Therapist
  • Workers’ Compensation


More information about the Money Follows the Person (MFP) or Community first Choice (CFC) program can be found at the State of CT Department of Social Services website, Money Follows the Person website, by calling (888) 992-8637 or the WCAAA at (203) 757-5449/(800) 994-9422.

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