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Seniors and Caregivers – It's time to prepare for weather emergencies!

September 10th, 2018


Hurricanes, thunder storms, snow/ice appear in fall – winter months, sometimes with little warning. Our favorite tips for dealing with hurricanes and thunder storms appear below.

  • *Put together your emergency supply kit including flashlights,  extra batteries, manual can opener, bottled water/juice, non-perishable foods (fruits, peanut butter, crackers, vegetables).
  • *Put spare glasses in place that can be easily located. Add a magnifier if its’ needed.
  • *Call your town hall to obtain location of emergency shelter; keep information in emergency kit. Make sure emergency shelter can accommodate need for oxygen. Is it accessible to those with handicaps? Does the shelter allow pets?
  • *Buy a few BATTERY OPERATED CANDLES (no candles requiring matches please) for emergency kit
  • *Make sure your prescriptions are up to date and you have at least two weeks’ supply.
  • *Keep your cell phone charged!
  • *Find out about public transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities; store the information in location it can be easily found.
  • *Are you on dialysis? Talk to your medical provider about emergency situations that prevent your treatment.
  • *Post a list of your medications in accessible location (include dosage and frequency).
  • *Have your wheelchair checked before snow & ice arrive.
  • *If possible, let friends and family know you need help OR are OK. Check on friends to see if they need help.


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