Success Stories

Example 1

Caller:  Dad lives alone and is very depressed since mom passed away. Their children live far away. We arranged for Dad to attend his local senior center with transportation and a companion for the first time.

Example 2

Caller: Mom cannot drive any longer but needs transportation to medical appointments and social activities. We arranged the transportation with help from the Kennedy Center's Transportation Ombudsman.

Example 3

Caller: We think that senior neighbor is being abused. Although the State's Protective Services for Elderly Department is responsible for these complaints, the WCAAA's two Registered Nurses can make an initial visit to the senior for fact finding and then make and monitor referrals to PSE.

Example 4

Caller:  Senior calls to report that she thinks her medical bills are incorrect and she is being charged for tests she did not experience. Frequently, coding errors occur in the billing process. WCAAA’s staff was able to sort out bills and charges with the senior and Medicare provider.

Example 5

Caller: I am homebound and need help. This is a frequent call to the WCAAA office from seniors themselves or caregivers. Our experienced staff can help sort out service needs and connect seniors to those services, frequently through financed benefits.

Example 6

Visitor: We need help in choosing the best medical plans for us, as husband and wife. Our trained staff and volunteers known as certified CHOICES and ADRC Counselors are able to discuss needs and preferences with seniors in preparation for determining the best medical plans to fit individual circumstances.

Example 7

Visitor: I am a veteran and need help in finding out which benefits I am eligible for. Our experienced staff can sort out benefits that veterans can access depending on their level of service.

Example 8

Caller: Dad frequently falls, is diabetic and cannot cook or shop for himself. The WCAAA arranged diabetic home delivered meals, transportation to medical appointments and encouraged dad to participate in our Diabetes Self Management PROJECT (Dad continued in the program and met 2 new friends).

Example 9

Caller: I am low income and need help in filing my taxes. Trained AARP volunteers prepare taxes for seniors and other low income persons during tax season - at the WCAAA office (free of charge).