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The Connecticut Statewide Respite Program

The Connecticut Statewide Respite Care Program (CSRCP) is funded by the State of Connecticut Department on Aging, and is operated in partnership with the Alzheimer,s Association, Connecticut Chapter, and the Connecticut Area Agencies on Aging. This program has a mandatory 20% co-payment toward the cost of services. Due to financial hardship, a waiver request may be submitted.

To be eligible, the person receiving care must:

-         Have Alzheimer's disease or an irreversible dementia such as that which may result from: Multi infarct dementia, Parkinson's disease, Lewy Body Dementia, Huntington's disease, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, or Pick's disease. (The applicant or authorized agent must provide a completed "Physician Statement" from a physician stating that the patient has been diagnosed with dementia.)

-         The person with the diagnosis must not have an income of more than $44,591 a year, or have liquid assets of more than $118,549.

Two options of care are available for CSRCP and NFCSP:

-         Traditional Respite Services - A Care Manager will order and monitor services through a licensed service provider such as a skilled or non-skilled service agency.

-         Self- Directed Care - The caregiver will select, hire, and supervise individuals other than a spouse or conservator to provide respite care. This option provides more flexibility in the selection and delivery of respite services.

Respite Care Program Application


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Visit the Alzheimer's Association, Connecticut Chapter for helpful tips, support groups and more information.


To discuss your situation or to learn more about the WCAAA Caregiver programs, please call the WCAAA office at 203-757-5449 or 800-994-9422.


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