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New Medicare Cards Are Coming - Scammers Are Coming Too

At every Fraud presentation, we talk about how the Medicare card number is a social security number, usually your own, and why it is important to safeguard this number against identity theft and never give it to strangers over the phone. We are often asked why Medicare doesn't just change the number. Click here to read more


New WCAAA Family Caregiver Guide Available

Caring for a family member or friend who has become ill or incapacitated can be a daunting task. Whether you became a “family caregiver” suddenly or over a period of time, you are probably overwhelmed with everything you need to do and to know. That is why we put together this Guide of information and resources. Click here to view Family Caregiver Guide. File is also available for download from our Publication Tab.


Who's Watching Your Wallet?

The Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging will present information on “Medicare Fraud, Abuse and Scams” this fall. Have you ever been puzzled over all that information in your Medicare Summary Notice?  Are you being billed for services you didn’t receive? Are you concerned by the kinds of scam and abuse that are directed at seniors like you? Would you like to acquire the sort of know-how you can use to defend your self? Click here for information about Medicare fraud, abuse and scams presentations near you.


Police Alert Public to Bank Scam

The police department is warning residents of a scam involving a fraudulent letter from TD Bank. A resident received a letter last week on bank letterhead, giving it an aura of legitimacy. However, it's fake, police said. In the letter, a bank account executive claims he's looking for next of kin for a $47.5 million bank account. The letter says a person with the same last name as the recipient died in a car crash. The writer asks the recipient to contact him at an email address. Anyone who receives a similar letter is asked to report it to police.


New WCAAA and CT Community Foundation Transportation Resource Guide Available

Transportation is a challenge for many residents of northwestern Connecticut – especially older adults, people with disabilities and others who rely on public transit. Western CT Area Agency on Aging (WCAAA) and Connecticut Community Foundation (CCF) are pleased to send you the newly updated “Transportation Resource Guide for Northwestern Connecticut.” We hope that this directory will assist community residents to get the rides they need and want.


Cancellation of WCAAA Meetings

In case of inclement weather (hurricanes, flooding, snowstorms), please consult the following TV stations before leaving your house to attend a WCAAA meeting, or call the WCAAA office 203-757-5449 for a message:




What is Community First Choice?

Community First Choice (CFC) is a new program in Connecticut offered to active Medicaid members as part of the Affordable Care Act. This program allows individuals to receive supports and services in their home. These services can include—but are not limited to—help preparing meals and doing household chores, and assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, transferring, etc.). Educational services will be available to help you increase your independence, and learn how to manage your in-home staff. Click here for more information  

Submission Tips for Connecticut Home Care Program
The Connecticut Home Program is designed to help elderly persons and young persons with a disability to remain safely in their homes with the proper supports and services in place rather than being institutionalized.  Persons needing services must require assistance in at least two area of their daily functioning and meet the program's financial eligibility requirements.  Referrals are accepted by telephone by calling 1-800-424-4904 or by completing the online application. CHCPE Online Application  Click here for submission tips for referral

Transitioning from Access Health CT to Medicare
Access Health CT provides health insurance to individuals without health coverage. It is not designed to replace or coordinate with Medicare. If you are 65 years old and you have worked at least 10 years, you should transition to Medicare when eligible to avoid gaps in medical coverage and Medicare premium penalties. Click here for more information

WCAAA now offers Social Security Express

Social Security Express is a quick and easy way to access online Social Security services: check your benefits and earnings record, see the amount of taxes you’ve paid, find out what you may receive in future benefits, request a benefit verification letter, change your address and phone number, start or change your direct deposit, request a replacement Medicare card and more…
To make an appointment, please call WCAAA, CHOICES Department at 203-757-5449


How To Use Your EBT Card
If you receive QMB and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance) from the  State of Connecticut you will receive an EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card. The most current card has a QUEST logo on the back of the card. The card is silver-grey in color and says "State of Connecticut, Department of Social Service, ConneCT Card" on the front. You will also see your client ID number. In order to use the EBT card for QMB medical, the provider must accept Medicaid assignment. Benefits for SNAP (nutrition assistance) will be available on the same day every month, depending on the first letter of your last name.

Observation Status
On October 1, 2014 the law went into effect in Connecticut that hospitals in Connecticut have to give oral and written notice to patients placed on "Observation Status" for more than 24 hours. This statement tells the patient that observation status may affect the patient's Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance coverage for hospital services, including medication and pharmaceutical supplies or home or community-based care, or care at a skilled nursing facilty upon discharge. It is absolutely necessary that a person understand the implications of being placed on "observation status".

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